Revd David Brooke

David studied Physics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University, graduating in 1980, and began his career passing on his love of science as a teacher. The IT revolution saw him move first to Epson, working in the UK and Japan, and then for Dell in the UK and Austin, Texas. He trained for ordination starting in 1996, while still in a senior management role in Dell’s transition to the online world.

After a curacy in Hertfordshire, David moved home to the north east and served in the parishes which included the Wynyard estate, as well as Area Dean of Stockton. He was a founding director of the Wynyard Primary School trust, as well as chair of governors at Ian Ramsey CE Secondary, and then a director of the Dayspring Trust.

Throughout his career, David has always loved a change management challenge, whether it was the introduction of desktop publishing at Epson, web sales at Dell, or working with big change projects in the Church of England. His most recent appointments have been with the Transforming Wigan project, and now as Change Rector for the parish of Billingham – home to another Melrose Trust School, Priors Mill.

David is married to Kate, a senior Prison Chaplain. He loves music, wine, good food, and open-top motoring, but he really ought to get back on his bike.