Vision & Ethos

Melrose Learning Trust Vision:

As a Trust, our aim is for all of our schools to maintain their own unique identity whilst working together to ensure the educational potential of each child is maximised and their wellbeing is fundamental to everything we do.

Melrose Learning Trust are committed to providing children with high achievement, confidence and enrichment, developed through excellent teaching, stimulating curriculums, and strong moral values.

Our aspirations as a Trust are:

  • to ensure the physical and spiritual well-being of every member of the school community is maintained and enhanced
  • to create learning environments where children develop a love for learning and learn how to use knowledge wisely
  • to share expertise across a range of settings to enhance professional development of staff
  • to ensure our schools are at the forefront of modern technology and to make the best use of the resources available to us.
  • to be central to the life of their communities