High Coniscliffe CE Primary School

High Coniscliffe CE Primary School has a genuine and tangible family feel, our high expectations and aspirations, our love and our shared values we can offer a commitment to be the best we can be to make learning and experience memories that will stay with our children and their families forever.

Life in education never stands still and we are constantly reviewing, revising and updating what we do, but at the heart of all our decisions is what is best for our children – they are what drives us all and the rewards we receive back from them every day means, that even when its tough, its worth it!

Our global explorers, wearing their Christian values, carry their backpacks to gather and learn to apply skills and knowledge as they complete their expeditions.

When they arrive safely home they unpack their backpack into their home cupboard so their knowledge and skills are ready to use again whenever they need to.

Expeditions may be long and last a whole term or they might be shorter trips, excursions, outings, journeys or jaunts but whenever they complete one our explorers will have their souvenirs of memories, experiences, skills and knowledge to use at any point in the future: while still at this school, their next school or in ten, twenty, thirty years time.

Many of their adventures will be in their class continent and include aspects of all curriculum subjects. Travel further afield through whole school excursions or specific subject outings will provide a broad and balanced, memorable and exciting wider curriculum.

Email: office@highconiscliffe.org.uk
Telephone: 01325 374 412
Website: highconiscliffe.org.uk
Address: High Coniscliffe CE Primary School, Ulnaby Lane, High Coniscliffe, Darlington, DL2 2LL